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Thesis of the Program

publicado 15/02/2023 12h17, última modificação 15/02/2023 12h17

Guidelines for thesis defense


The defense of the Master’s Degree thesis is evaluated by a board of professors who is proposed by the advising professor and is composed by, at least, 3 (three) members who have a Doctorate Degree, 1 (one) of whom must not be a professor of this course. There must be on deputy member for the professors of the course and one deputy member for the external professors. The graduate shall speak for a maximum of 30 minutes about his/her work, and then he/she shall answer the questions of the board members. The result of the evaluation must be decided by the members of the board in a secret session and it must be immediately announced.


Requirements for enrolling for the Thesis:

  • Have passed the Mandatory Disciplines and have taken all Credit Hours and Credits of the Elective Disciplines pursuant to the provisions of the Internal Regulations;
  • Have passed Qualification;
  • Have handed in the Semester / Annual Student Activity Report of PPGECI / PRPPG signed by the interested parties, within the time stipulated by the Secretary Office of PPGECI;
  • Have written most of the thesis, and have the advising professor verify you are fit for proceeding with the thesis defense.


Scheduling thesis defense and defending the thesis, forms and templates.

  • PPGECI students must electronically send the form below called “Scheduling Thesis Defense” – “Agendamento de Defesa de Dissertação” – with the necessary signatures indicated in the form 30 days in advance. It is important to notice that it is necessary to include the CPF number and e-mail of the External Professors appointed as members of the Board;
  • The Minute of the Thesis Defense Board and the Declarations of the Board Members shall be provided on the day of the defense;
  • If the Thesis Defense Board needs to be delayed or postponed, the graduate student must fill out this form and specify the reasons for the necessary deadline extension, give it to the advising professor, who must state his/her opinion and sign it, and then send it to the Secretary Office of PPGECI, which will then send it to the Coordination or the Collegiate of the Program.


Forms (en portugués)

  • Form for scheduling the examination:  Odt y Docx
  • Request form for deadline extension: Odt y Docx
  • Master’s degree thesis template: Docx


Regulations (en portugués)


Thesis of PPGECI – submissions available now  (link) - in Portuguese