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Lines of Research

publicado 15/02/2023 12h17, última modificação 24/04/2023 14h03
Graduate Program in Civil Engineering I PPGECI

The Graduate Program in Civil Engineering - PPGECI is organized in one field of concentration and three lines of research.

Field Of Concentration: Construction

The field of construction is designed to study the behavior of construction materials and concrete structures, involving experimental analysis, field studies and numerical and structure simulations, as well as the study and development of materials applied to civil construction based on the performance approach. The methods of analysis of lifetime cycle and costs of systems measured to be economically efficient and environmentally sustainable are also considered in this field of concentration.

Lines of research:

L1 – Materials and Eco-Efficiency

It is aimed at studying the construction materials based on performance, by means of experimental, numerical and analytical researches, with the purpose of proposing solutions and strategies for projecting and building new constructions and recovering existing ones. The main research themes in this line of research are: a) cementitious materials; b) waste use based on eco-efficiency; c) CO2 emissions and capture; d) concretes applied to dams; f) bituminous materials; g) wood; h) repair materials and reinforcement materials for concrete structures; i) eco-efficiency of construction materials; j) construction durability and life cycle.

L2: Structures

Develop methods of analysis and theoretical concepts related to Mechanics of Structures by means of physical tests, analytical studies, numerical simulation and monitoring of prototypes or real structures, involving the various aspects of Mechanics of Structures, such as: inelastic nonlinear analysis of structures, geometric nonlinearity of structures, dynamic analysis of structures, structural reliability, numerical methods of structural analysis.

L3: Sustainability And Innovation

The aim of this line of research is to evaluate strategies and develop solutions to the implementation of sustainability and innovation in the construction field. The main themes of research are: energy efficiency, environmental comfort, innovative/sustainable and vernacular building systems, performance, life cycle and climate change.