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Faculty Members

publicado 15/02/2023 12h17, última modificação 15/02/2023 12h17
Faculty members of the Graduate Program in Civil Engineering I PPGECI


Permanent Professors

  • Professor Dr. Alex Neves Junior (Lattes
  • Fields of work: Resistance and Durability of Materials;  Microestrutural Characterization of Materials; Applications on thermal analysis of new materials and processes;  Waste use for low environmental impact materials;  High performance fiber-reinforced cementitious composites;  CO2 Capture and carboncure.

  • Professor Dra. Ana Carolina Parapinski dos Santos (Lattes / Institucional page)
  • Fields of work: Long-term concrete retraction, fluency and deformations; Concrete-Steel adherence; Concrete leaching; Aging of concrete; Concrete applied to dams; LC3 cements; Waste use in concrete; Development of special concretes.

  • Professor Dr. Cesar Winter de Mello  (Lattes / Institucional page)
  • Fields of work: Mortar technology; Constructive Systems; Construction management.

  • Professora Dra. Edna Possan  (Lattes / Institucional page)
  • Fields of work: Less emissive cements; CO2 Emissions and Capture in materials; Waste valuation and use; Performance, Durability and Lifespan Prediction; Building Pathology; Self-healing of cracks. 


Collaborating Professors

  • Professor Dr. Ricardo Oliveira de Souza (Lattes / Institucional page)
  • Fields of work: Asphalt mixture; Asphalt binders; Pavement performance; Waste use in paving.



Permanent Professors

  • Professor Dr. Andre Jacomel Torii (Lattes / Institucional page)
  • Fields of work: Mechanics of Structures; Finite Element Method; Structural Optimization; Structural Reliability; Uncertainty-Based Optimization; Numerical Methods Applied to Engineering.

  • Professor Dr. Aref Kalilo Lima Kzam (Lattes / Institucional page)
  • Fields of work: Mechanics of Solids and Structures; Finite Element Method; Boundary Element Method; Analysis of Structural Instability; Geometric Nonlinearity. 

  • Professor Dr. Emerson Felipe Félix (Lattes)
  • Fields of work: Data Science and Artificial Intelligence; Mechanics of Solids and Structures; Finite Element Method; Damage Mechanics and Mechanics of Fatigue; Mechanical Behavior, Lifespan and Durability of Concrete Structures.

  • Professor Dr. Gustavo Savaris (Lattes)
  • Fields of work: Experimental Analysis of Structures; Reinforced Concrete Beam shearing; Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Structures; Physical and Mechanical Properties of Wood; Connections in pieces of wood. 

  • Professor Dr. Iván Dario Gomes Araujo (Lattes / Institucional page)
  • Fields of work: Mechanics of Structures (dynamics), dynamic identification and monitoring of structures; Detecting Structural Damage; Analysis of seismic vulnerability and risk.

  • Professor Dr. Julio Florez Lopez (Lattes / Institucional page)
  • Fields of work: Modeling and simulating concrete structure behavior; Reinforced concrete.



Permanent Professors

  • Professor Dr. António José Pereira de Figueiredo (Lattes)
  • Fields of work: Energy Efficiency; Passive House; Phase Change Materials; Thermal Comfort; Optimization of Construction Solutions; Sources of renewable energy: geothermal energy; Built Environment.

  • Professor Dr. Egon Vettorazzi  (Lattes / Institucional page)
  • Fields of work: Passive and Bioclimatic Architecture; Environmental Comfort (thermal, acoustic and light); Energy Efficiency.

  • Professor Dra. Helenice Maria Sacht  (Lattes / Institucional page)
  • Fields of work: Environmental Comfort; Thermal, Acoustic, Light Comfort and natural ventilation; Bioclimatic Architecture, Façades and Components.

  • Professora Dra. Katia Regina García Punhagui (Lattes / Institucional page)
  • Fields of work: Building materials, Components and Systems: Life Cycle Assessment (LCA); Assessment of Environmental Indicators (emissions, energy, water, waste); Performance Assessment;
    Sustainability Assessment; Wood.

  • Professor Dr. Samuel Fernando Adami  (Lattes / Institucional page)
  • Fields of work: Geoprocessing Applied to Environmental Analysis.

  • Professor Dr. Walfrido Alonso Pippo  (Lattes / Institucional page)
  • Fields of work: Waste Use; Energy Efficiency; Renewable Energy.


Collaborating Professors

  • Professor Dr. Gabriel Rodrigues da Cunha (Lattes / Institucional page)
  • Fields of work: Construction Materials, Components and Systems, with Earth, Vernacular and Popular; Quality Control in Small Construction Sites; Pathology and Preservation Techniques of Built Heritage;
    Technical Assistance and Social Housing.