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publicado 15/02/2023 12h17, última modificação 24/04/2023 14h14
Graduate Program in Civil Engineering I PPGECI

LADEMA - Laboratory of Performance, Structures and Materials

Multi-user laboratory dedicated to research in the fields of civil engineering, materials engineering, chemistry and architecture, both regarding studies and performance analysis as well as the characterization of materials and the development and improvement of existing materials and processes.

Coordinators: Edna Possan and Ricardo Oliveira Souza

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LAPAV - Laboratory of Pavements

The Laboratory of Pavements was created for the development of activities related to education, research and community outreach programs. It has equipment that makes the laboratory evaluation of asphalt binders and mixtures possible. It also has equipment for the evaluation of in-service road pavements.

Coordinators: Ricardo Oliveira Souza and Edna Possan

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