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Objective of PPGRI

publicado 09/06/2020 14h32, última modificação 25/08/2020 17h09

The main focus of PPGRI is to create and develop professionals, especially in Latin America and the Caribbean, who have a broad, sophisticated and critical understanding of the international situation and politics through the development of good research concerning Latin American social reality.

Our focus is to develop students who have competence and abilities, as well as theoretical and conceptual tools, that are necessary and indispensable for an in-depth analysis of the dynamics and practice which are developed in the international scenario, as well as for a good performance in the different areas and organizations that constitute international politics.

PPGRI is focused especially on the study of the different actors, dynamics, movements and processes which guide the international situation while taking into consideration the serious problematization of this international political, social and cultural reality. At the same time, our goal is to expand the current theoretical debate at the scope of our discipline, both national and internationally while prioritizing and giving voice to theoretical paradigms and conceptual instruments that are generally marginalized in the field of International Relations.