Projects and Actions

publicado 09/06/2020 14h32, última modificação 25/08/2020 17h09

PPGRI-UNILA has internationalization as one of its main focuses in line with the institutional mission of the University. This pillar is built through some elements such as the body of students and professors, the publication of papers, chapters of books and full books at an international level and the participation of students and professors in international researches.

The following actions of the last years must be highlighted:

  • Participation in high impact international research projects;

  • Participation in international evaluation committees;

  • Participation in the main international academic associations;

  • Contribution in the definition of public policies with regional integration organizations;

  • Presence in the editorial committees of international academic journals;

  • Presence in international research centers;

  • Lectures and mini courses with international researchers.