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Research Projects

publicado 21/05/2020 14h39, última modificação 25/08/2020 17h09

Line 1: Studies for Peace, International Safety and Human Rights

  • The three-border region and the new themes of the international relations: international terrorism.

  • Challenges of the (trans)border integration: the construction of peace and human rights in resignifying the borders

  • International law in the construction of peace: global civil society for humanitarian disarmament and the challenges of subordination(s)

  • The role of operations of peace in international politics: a critical analysis

  • Thinking peace from differences: elements to problematize peace through non violent thinking

  • Policies for borders in Chile and the possibilities of border integration: the situation of Northern and Eastern borders

  • South-South relations: Africa and Latin America in a comparative perspective


Line 2 - Development and Transnational Capital

  • Foreign capital, extractivism and social conflict in Central America and the Caribbean (1990-2018).

  • Education integration in Mercosur: the case of validation of university degrees

  • Recent foreign inversions in Argentinean lands: the logic of expansion and its characteristics

  • Student and graduate mobility; validation of degrees and professional practice in Mercosur

  • International economic relations in Latin America and the Caribbean: transnationalization of capital, state and dominant class (1982-2015).

  • Knowledges in movement: popular education and social movements in Latin America and in es

  • Knowledges in Movement: the meeting of Ruy Mauro Marini, Paulo Freire and Augusto Boal in the fight for land and labor in Brazil


Line 3 - Foreign Policies, Actors and International Processes

  • The three-border region and the transnational crimes

  • The three-border regions in Latin America in the context of international relations

  • The work of the Brazilian diplomacy in the Pan-American conferences and meetings of American Foreign Ministries

  • MediaLabFoz

  • Nazism and the three-border region

  • Neo-extrativism and the reinforcement of the internal colonialism in the South American context: an analysis of the Ecuadorian and Bolivian cases

  • Observatory of democracies

  • Foreign policy in Latin America

  • Civil society in the Brazilian Foreign Policy