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Grant Committee

publicado 09/06/2020 14h32, última modificação 25/08/2020 17h09

The competences of the grant committees of PPGRI are:

  1. Abide by the internal regulations of UNILA and the by the Bylaws of PPGRI

  2. Analyze the candidates’ applications for grants in accordance with the current law, the internal regulations of UNILA and the criteria provided in the Bylaws.

  3. Establish the criteria for granting, maintaining and renewing the grants of PPGRI.

  4. Grant regular students with the grants of PPGRI in accordance with criteria which include academic merit, informing PRPPG about such criteria and the individual data of the selected students.

  5. Apply the academic tracking and assessment system to graduate students who receive grants pursuant to what is required by PRPPG and published in its specific regulations, throughout the stages of the program.

  6. Provide the diagnosis of the development of the students’ thesis in relation to the duration of the grants, so that PRPPG or the funding agencies can verify the data.

  7. Keep hard and digital copies of the individual information of students who receive grants in the academic department office, making these documents permanently available to PRPPG.

  8. Be transparent concerning the processes and criteria for the distribution of grants to students.





  • Prof. Dr. Lucas Ribeiro Mesquita
  • Prof. Dr. Ramon Blanco
  • Prof. Dra. Paula Daniela Fernandez



  • Taciano Paulo Duarte


Ordinance of Appointment

Minutes of the Grant Committee

Documents by the Grant Committee

Grant Holder Activity Report