publicado 05/10/2018 18h14, última modificação 18/08/2021 10h45
Presentation of the Graduate Program in Neotropical Biodiversity (PPG-BN)
  • It has an international character due to the profile of the institution’s students, which has students from several countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, and also due to the collaboration of researchers from neighboring countries;
  • It contributes to the little scientific tradition of countries such as Paraguay and Bolivia through the development of qualified professionals, which is in line with UNILA’s institutional role: Latin American integration;
  • It develops professionals in the field of Biodiversity in a region that lacks similar programs – Western Paraná and neighboring states;
  • It offers a solid educational basis in Ecology and Biodiversity;
  • It has a teaching staff that is young and has a diverse educational background in the fields of Ecology and Evolution and expertise in different approaches and biological groups. Also, the program’s teaching staff has a lot of experience regarding advising the production of undergraduate and graduate scientific papers, as well as an intense participation in research projects and publications.