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Public notices and forms

publicado 05/10/2018 18h14, última modificação 26/08/2021 07h52
Master’s Degree in Neotropical Biodiversity


  • Form for indicating the co-advisor (rtf)
  • Form for change of advisor (rtf)
  • Form for reporting student’s activities (rtf)
  • Form suggesting a theme for internal communications or for requesting a visual programming service (link)


Stricto Sensu

  • Public Notice PPG-BN 30/2019 – Public notice which sets the rules for complementary activities of the Program (pdfand Enclosure I (Request Form) (pdf)
  • Ordinance UNILA # 0329/2012 – Implements the Statute of UNILA (pdf)
  • Resolution CONSUN # 006/2013 – Approves the General Bylaws of UNILA (pdf)
  • Ordinance UNILA # 0889/2013 – Assigns powers to the academic units of UNILA (pdf)
  • Normative Instruction PRPPG # 001/2016 – Establishes complementary rules for making and registering diplomas of the stricto sensu graduate programs of UNILA (pdf)
  • Normative Instruction PRPPG # 001/2017 – Establishes guidelines and proceedures for accompanying and evaluating the students’ academic performance by the stricto sensu Graduate Programs of UNILA - rectification (pdf)
  • Resolution CONSUN # 007/2015 – Approves, ad referendum, the creation of the Stricto Sensu Graduate Program – Master’s Degree – in Neotropical Biodiversity (pdf)
  • Bylaws of PPGBN (pdf)



  • Resolution COSUEN # 040/2014 – Creates the ‘Social Demand Program’ (DS-UNILA), which offers grants for Stricto Sensu Graduate Studies, at Master’s and Doctorate levels (pdf)
  • Resolution CONSUN # 010/2016 – Validates, ad referendum, Resolution COSUEN # 040/2014 (pdf)


Internships and post-doctorate

  • Resolution CONSUN # 006/2015 – Sets the rules for students’ internships at UNILA (pdf)
  • Resolution COSUP # 003/2017 – Sets the rules for post-doctorate practice at UNILA (pdf)


 The public notices of PPG-BN are available at Portal de Editais of UNILA 

For more information, check Public notices and forms (In Portuguese)