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Regular Students

publicado 27/02/2020 10h35, última modificação 16/08/2021 13h37
Selection Process for regular students of Graduate Program in Biosciences (PPG-BC)



  • first semester class of 2022, by videoconference, due to the Covid-19 Pandemic caused by the SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus (expected publication until 2021/09/15)



  • first semester class of 2021, by videoconference, due to the Covid-19 Pandemic caused by the SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus (<link> in Portuguese)


  • first semester class of 2020 (<link> in Portuguese)


  • second semester class of 2019 (<link> in Portuguese)


  • first semester class of 2019 (<link> in Portuguese)


  • first semester class of 2018 (<link> in Portuguese)


  • second semester class of 2017 (<link> in Portuguese)



In order to be granted the Master’s degree in Science, the student must:
  • be approved in the Regular Selection Process (PSR) and register;
  • be approved in an English proficiency test during the selection processor or to be carried out within 06 (six) months after entering the course;
  • be approved in the qualification exam which must be taken in up to 6 (six) months after the beginning of the course;
  • complete at least 21 (twenty-one) credits in the disciplines, considering the equivalence of 15 (fifteen) class/hours per credit, of which:
    • 10 (ten) for mandatory disciplines;
    • 11 (eleven) for elective disciplines.
  • take the teaching practice internship for, at least, 1 (one) semester and up to 4 (four) hours/week in up to 24 (twenty-four) months after the beginning of the course, if the master’s degree student is a grant holder and the provider institution requires so;
  • complete 4 (four) credits in complementary disciplines, such as:
    • higher education teaching practice;
    • internship in laboratories, companies, universities, higher education institutions and research, with the description of the activities carried and credit hours taken;
    • publications of papers in indexed journals and classified by Qualis CAPES as B2 or higher, in are CB-II; or which have an impact factor equal to or higher than 1 (one), appreciated and approved by the Coordination;
    • presentation of papers, abstracts, lectures in technical and scientific events;
    • coordination and/or participation in community outreach projects and actions;
    • other activities ruled by the Coordination and/or the Collegiate;
  • submit a paper regarding the thesis to an indexed journal of Qualis A or B in the field of Biological Sciences II – CAPES;
  • to have approved all the rendering of accounts for scholarships and financial support that may be granted;
  • be approved in the public defense of the master's degree thesis;
    • file the final version of the master’s degree thesis in the PPG-BC Office and in the Institutional Repository of UNILA;
  • file at the PPG-BC Secretariat the proof of completion of the master's course and the absence of pending issues from UNILA;
  • file the yearly report of student activities in the PPG-BC Office within the period of 60 (sixty) days after the end of the academic semester of reference;
  • keep an updated curriculum in the Lattes Platform by CNPq during the period of the master’s degree course and for a period of 5 (five) years after the completion of the course, due to the yearly evaluation carried by CAPES;
  • meet the legal and internal requirements of CAPES and UNILA.