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Presentation of the Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Program in Energy and Sustainability of the Federal University of Latin American Integration (UNILA) - PPGIES

Program Name: Energy & Sustainability. Basic area: Interdisciplinary.

Merit assessment area in the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel: Division III - Engineering, Technology & Management.

Concentration Area: Energy and Sustainability.

Research branches:

L1 - Materials and Devices for Energy Sources.

L2 - Sustainable Processes and Technologies.

Level of education: PhD and Master's.

Courses timetable: Courses will be held every fortnight, preferably on Fridays and Saturdays to allow the participation of students of nearby cities in Argentina and Paraguay.

Public to which it is addressed: Graduate students in Engineering, Exact and Earth Sciences, Agricultural Sciences and Applied Social Sciences.


The Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Program in Energy and Sustainability of the Federal University of Latin American Integration (UNILA) reunites researchers with a varied higher education in the subject. They preserve the references of their fields of knowledge by establishing an interdisciplinary theoretical methodological dialogue. In this context, the Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Program on Energy and Sustainability – PPGIES, aims to contribute to the realization of scientific research and technological development, considering the interdependence between the scientific, technological, economic, and environmental dimensions of energy.

As a result of this approach is the training of a professional with special skills for interdisciplinary accomplishments and projects which transpose the bounding of specialized areas. The students are trained to deal with topics related to Energy and Sustainability, considering the broad dimension of challenges related to Science, Technology, and Innovation. The Interdisciplinary Post Graduate Program in Energy and Sustainability aims to train a professional with an interdisciplinary profile, able to think about the real world and solve complex problems by applying knowledge of science and technology to promote technological innovation.


So, the main objectives of the postgraduate program are:

1. Establish an interdisciplinary scientific core in the region of the triple frontier (Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina), bringing together researchers which work in the fields of Engineering, Exact Sciences, Agricultural Sciences and Applied Social Sciences, directing efforts to the development of the industry in Latin America and the Caribbean countries.

2. Promote interdisciplinary studies aiming the education of a distinguished professional by means of a technological and scientific approach.

3. Train and qualify professionals capable of working in the academic, scientific and also industrial field, developing innovative research, as well as teaching skills in the area of Science, Technology and Management of Energy Systems, also aiming to transform the social context of the places where came from.

4. Produce scientific, technological and innovation knowledge in the binomial Energy and Sustainability with high impact papers and copyrights.

5. Expand local and regional competences on energy issues in Brazil and other Latin American countries.

6. Promote integration between undergraduate and graduate students through teaching and research activities across the triple frontier between Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil, as well as other Latin America and Caribbean Countries.


Selection of students usually happens in every September.