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Identification of those responsible for the laboratories listed below:

The teaching laboratories are directly linked to the Support Secretariat
Scientific and Technological (SACT) and its subunits (Department of
Teaching Laboratories - DELABEN and the Logistics Support Division for
Laboratories - DALL). For this reason, for example, the laboratories in the Sector
South, although it has dual use (teaching and research) are linked to the
SACT and not to teachers.

In relation to research laboratories, both in PTI and JU units, the
SACT, in conjunction with PRPPG, had issued Joint Ordinance No. 03,
of July 24, 2018 (published in Service Bulletin nº 369 and Ordinance No. 6/2019 / SACT
of July 24, 2018 (published in Service Bulletin nº 369
designating the teachers responsible for these multi-user spaces.

Accordingly, the following document contains the names of those responsible for
these ordinances. However, it is important to clarify that SACT
received information from the Rector's Office that there is no ballast of
legality for the creation of Research Laboratories, that is, those referred to
ordinances are null and void.

What we are counting on now is with the informal support of these teachers
appointed by these ordinances to continue with minimal organization
until the result of these groups and regulations are in force.

Soon, SACT will designate a specific working group composed of
professors from different areas, Dean of Research and Graduate Studies,
Superior Research Commission and other areas and commissions that are made
necessary to standardize laboratory research spaces, including
standardization of nomenclatures, rules of use, forms of appointment
responsible, among other relevant information.

Specific operating regulations: the operating rules
teaching laboratories are foreseen in Normative Instruction nº
01/2019-SACT, of 10/01/2019, published in Service Bulletin nº 413.
Specific rules for research laboratories are available at
SACT page (,
having been published only from the following spaces: Herbarium Evaldo
Butttura (EVB); Limnology Laboratory; Laboratory of Biogeography and
Macroecology; and Interdisciplinary Laboratory of Physical Sciences - LICF.

Despite these publications, we reinforce that, according to the guidelines of the
Office of the Rectory, the ordinances of laboratory research spaces are
zero, depending on the standardization with SACT, Dean of Research
and Post-Graduation, Higher Research Commission and other areas and
commissions that are necessary.

Opening hours: the opening hours of the research laboratories
teaching is provided for in Normative Instruction No. 01/2019-SACT,
01/2019-SACT, of 10/01/2019, published in Service Bulletin nº 413.
Monday to Friday, from 7:30 am to 10:40 pm and on Saturdays,
eventually, for undergraduate activities and extension projects, the
which must be previously scheduled, at least 5 days in advance
(five) business days. The opening hours of the laboratories of
research is defined by the responsible teachers.

Scheduling: the scheduling of teaching laboratories is done
directly by SIPAC, Administrative Portal, Requisitions, Physical Spaces,
Physical Space Reservation, Register new reservation. The scheduling of
research laboratories is carried out by the responsible professors.