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Technological Products

publicado 15/05/2020 18h02, última modificação 15/09/2020 14h27
Results of developments by PPGIES students and researchers for free access (Open Source)

Biochemical Oxygen Demand Incubator (Open Source)

Prototype incubator for low-cost biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) that can be used in the laboratory for the growth of microorganisms that need temperature control and oxygen transfer. The proposal was developed from the cooling system with the use of software, 3D modeling, to the construction of the incubator and its respective validation.

This technological product is part of the results of research carried out by student Shirley Carla Chamby Espejo (GPEnSE/UNILA) and professors Dr. Samara Silva de Souza (UTPFR) and Dr. Oswaldo Hideo Ando Junior (GPEnSE/UNILA).

Contact: Shirley.espejo@aluno.unila.com.br

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Battery Management System (BMS) on Open Platform

Development of a battery management system (BMS) on an open, adaptable, and low-cost platform. The prototype was designed to operate with 18650 lithium-ion cells and sodium-nickel chlorate. However, this can be adapted to any battery technology considering only modifications to the onboard algorithm. Due to the open-performance platform, its use in the laboratory offers economic and technical advantages in the development of experimental research on BMS and batteries.

This technological product is part of the results of the research carried out by student Giovane Ronei Sylvestrin (GPEnSE/UNILA) and professors Dr. Helton Fernando Scherer (FPTI) and Dr. Oswaldo Hideo Ando Junior(GPEnSE/UNILA), with the support of the FPTI battery laboratory.

Contact: giovane.sylvestrin@gmail.com

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DOAB Books Collection for Scientific Dissemination - SAVE Collection

The SAVE program consists of integrative actions that aims to produce and develop a set of materials and teaching experiments (low cost) to teach in a didactic, interactive and intuitive way the importance of agents to promote energy conservation and sustainability.

The SAVE collection are DOAB books of scientific dissemination that are results of research of the SAVE Program carried out by graduation and post-graduation students and professors members of the Group of Research in Energy and Sustainability (GPEnSE) linked to PPGIES.

This project has various financial supports.

Contact: Oswaldo.junior@unila.edu.br

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