publicado 18/11/2021 15h21, última modificação 18/11/2021 15h21
Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Latin American Studies (PPGIELA)

Enrollment – regular students
Regular students' first enrollment must be done in person at the Program’s administrative office and all required documents must be produced.
Other enrollments in the disciplines of the program must be done online every semester through SIGAA/UNILA during the period to be informed by the administration of the program.


Enrollment – students from other PPGs of UNILA
Students from other Graduate Programs of UNILA must file their special enrollment online through SIGAA/UNILA, within the enrollment period of PPGIELA.


Enrollment – special students
Special students shall be selected through specific public notices for single disciplines and they will not be granted the Master’s Degree at the end of their studies.
Students who hold a duly registered higher education diploma are able to apply for a seat as a special student of PPGIELA; however, they must not have studied for two semesters (consecutively or not) in PPGIELA as special students and they must meet all the other requirements and/or comply with all institutional regulations.
Seats for special students in each discipline shall be defined in specific public notices and they must not represent more than 50% of the seats considering enrolled regular students.
Public notices for special students are published before the beginning of each semester. Each professor who is responsible for the offered elective discipline must evaluate the detailed justification of special student applicants, as well as their curriculum, diploma and student’s transcript, specially regarding their competences and the suitability of their curriculum to the discipline.
For enrollment, selected students must produce all the required documents specified in the public notice at the administrative office of the program. Special students who successfully complete the chosen discipline shall receive a certificate containing the name of the discipline, the year and semester of studies, the obtained grade and a student’s transcript issued by UNILA’s academic system.