Internacionalization of PPGIELA

publicado 18/11/2021 15h21, última modificação 18/11/2021 15h21
Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Latin American Studies (PPGIELA)

PPG-IELA is focused on internationalization aiming at the South-South cooperation and the integration of Latin America and the Caribbean, which is coherent to the institutional mission of UNILA that was confirmed in the institution’s current Internationalization Policy and PDI (2019-2023).

The course is bilingual (Portuguese and Spanish), with professors and students from Latin America and the Caribbean. Thus, both languages are used in classes, lectures, events and bibliographic and technical production. The student can choose to write the thesis in Portuguese or Spanish as well. Bilingualism is, therefore, a key tool for the cultural and intellectual integration of the academic community.

All PPG-IELA classes (from 2014 to 2019) have students from several Latin American nationalities and the Caribbean (including Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguai, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Cuba and Nicaragua).