Lines of Research

publicado 18/11/2021 15h21, última modificação 18/11/2021 15h21
Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Latin American Studies (PPGIELA)

The perspectives proposed by this line of research privilege the interdisciplinary study of intermedia contacts, dialogues and processes among artistic, cultural and historical contexts through the transcultural perspectives which highlight phenomena and dynamics that transcend multiple national, artistic and media borders. Transversal and relational researches are proposed from several artistic interactions and manifestations and/or narratives (whether they are oral, literary, poetic, cinematographic, audiovisual or others), as well as languages and their confluence, image cultures, cultural products and processes through a transcultural approach of a dynamics of constructing and circulating knowledges, imaginaries, identities and memories in Latin America and the Caribbean. The methodological approaches proposed emphasize transnational and transcultural phenomena that are perceptible in artistic processes and products (in different dimensions of creation, circulation, perception and readings), in languages, narratives and poetics, in the media, in artistic and cultural practices, as well as in the construction of memories in historical and contemporary contexts and/or periods.

This line of research proposes research about the diversity of practices and knowledges of populations, groups and communities that compose the historical, artistic and cultural experience of Latin America, in different spaces and times. Among the research methods and techniques, we consider the written, iconographic, oral sources in bibliographic, ethnographic and archive investigation. The main focus is the study of the following issues: ways of life; social configurations; history of ideas and intellectual and scientific fields; representations and conceptions of the world; and management of patrimony; arrangements and strategies of collectives and individuals.

This line of research proposes the transversal and relational study of the practices and processes of social and cultural mediations in the geopolitical spheres of Latin America and the Caribbean, through an approach of the processes of construction and circulation of knowledges, imaginaries, identities and memories which invade borders as territorial, geographical and symbolic spaces. Also, the observation and analysis of the mediation field between culture, aesthetics, politics and social practices. New sociabilities, flows and interculturality. Researches about decolonial practices and the overflowing of limits between nation states which reframe narratives and individuals in diaspora contexts, indigenous populations and transnational movements.