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Field of Concentration

publicado 01/07/2021 10h29, última modificação 01/07/2021 10h29
Field of Concentration of the Graduate Program in Comparative Literature – PPGLC

Latin American Poetics and Narratives

The Graduate Program in Comparative Literature – PPGLC – will promote transdisciplinary comparative studies focused on the articulations between the fields of Language and Arts, History, Geography, Philosophy, Anthropology, Sociology and related disciplines, based on poetic productions (in a broad sense) and on narratives by Latin American authors.

The researches and reflections must contribute to the comprehension of processes of symbolic and material construction of hybrid identities, through aesthetic, textual and multimodal production in the continent, in the current context which is characterized by the linguistic and cultural diasporas and diversities of Latin America.

The aim is to unravel registrations and testimonies related to memories and collective and individual imaginaries, recurring themes and expressive forms, traces of the Latin American history, in the palimpsestic layers which structure different aesthetic means. Also, the aim is to understand the different forms of social empirical practice which, in the process of re-reading, fragmentation and transculturation, offer Latin American writers and artists the raw material they need.