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publicado 27/01/2023 15h40, última modificação 27/01/2023 15h40
Presentation of the Graduate Program in Applied Physics I PPGFISA

The Graduate Program in Applied Physics (PPGFISA) of the Federal University of Latin American Integration (UNILA) was first approved by Capes in April/2015, and the approval was confirmed in May/2015. Its first activities started in the first semester of 2016.

The program is an in-person program totally free of cost and it has the duration of 24 months. In order to enter the program, it is necessary to participate and be approved in the selection process which is open once every six months. Students who want to apply for a seat must have a diploma that is recognized by Ministry of Education of Brazil (MEC) or the competent department in their country of origin. The selection process for a regular student in the Master’s Degree Program in Applied Physics consists in the analysis of the following criteria:

  1. Pre-Project (or grade obtained in EUF)
  2. Curriculum of the applicant
  3. Student’s Transcript - Undergraduate Course
  4. Interview (videoconference)
  5. Letter of Recommendation

These selection criteria make it easy for applicants to apply for a seat without having the need to actually come to the city of Foz do Iguaçu.

Students who graduated in undergraduate teaching degree courses, as well as those who find it necessary, shall take a six-month leveling up course as one of the requirements for being admitted into the Program. During this period, students shall in-person attend one or more of the following classes: Mathematical Physics, Electromagnetic Theory and Quantum Mechanics. Students who obtain grades equal to or higher than 7,0 in each discipline will be able to be accepted into the Program.