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Assessment Criteria

publicado 27/01/2023 15h40, última modificação 27/01/2023 15h40
Assessment criteria for students of the Master’s Degree Program in Applied Physics I PPGFISA

The Master’s Degree Program in Applied Physics comprehends the undertaking of disciplines, activities, researches and the elaboration of a Master’s Degree Thesis.

The completion of the necessary disciplines is expressed by means of credit units, and each credit corresponds to 15 class hours. The Master’s Degree program requires a minimum of 24 credits. The requirements for being granted the degree of Master are:

I. to remain duly enrolled in the Master’s degree course for a period of at least 12 months;

II. to complete the credits of the Graduate Program as follows:
(a) a minimum of 12 credits in Mandatory Disciplines;
(b) a minimum of 4 credits in Seminars;
(c) a maximum of 12 credits in Elective Disciplines;
(d) a maximum of 4 credits in only one of the disciplines of “Teaching Internship” (mandatory for students who are grant holders) or "Professional Internship";

III. to be approved in a proficiency examination;

IV. to have the Master’s Degree Thesis approved.

The assessment criteria consist in the observation of the student’s academic grades and attendance. Students who obtain grades “A”, “B” or “C” and a minimum of 75% (seventy-five percent) attendance shall be considered to have passed the discipline.

The professor of each discipline shall evaluate the student’s grades and attendance using the following parameters:

A – between 9,0 and 10,0 - Excellent = Approved
B – between 8,0 and 8,9 - Good = Approved
C – between 7,0 and 7,9 - Regular = Approved
D – between 0,0 and 6,9 - Fail due to grades
E – Fail due to attendance - Less than 75% attendance

Students who get grade C or higher in any discipline shall be granted the credits of that discipline.