Field of Concentration

publicado 30/08/2021 11h18, última modificação 30/08/2021 11h18
Graduate Program in Public Policy and Development (PPGPPD)

Concentration: Development Public Policy in Latin America

The field of concentration of the program in Development Public Policy in Latin America is focused on the pressing need to explore issued related to the role of the State and of Public Policy with regards to the great challenges of contemporary society, specially helping solve social and regional imbalance in Latin America which derive from their respective development processes. Concentrating on Development Public Policy in Latin America will result in the resolution of problems concerning the inefficient practice of public policies, specially their elaboration and implementation, as well as in the outcome and forms of exercising the political power, involving issues related to distribution and redistribution of resources, social conflicts which are inherent to the decision processes and the sharing of social costs and benefits. The Development Public Policy in Latin America must be faced as a dynamic process and success regarding their elaboration and implementation depends on negotiations, mobilizations, alliances and or interest coalitions. In this perspective, development is comprehended as an improvement in the quality of life of Latin American society.